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Special workshop with Maria DeCarvalho on January 22th !

maria2.jpgOnce again, Maria DeCarvalho, will be our guest for a special workshop (in English)  "Speaking Truth With Love" on Saturday January 22th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the library. This 3 hours training in interpersonal dynamics allows participants, whether they're gay or not, to learn a new language for expressing their differences and feelings of upset. Instead of using words of accusation, this highly interactive workshop allows the open space for personal truth, free of blame and angry projections. It is designed to stimulate cross-group dialogue, enhance listening skills and deepen personal awareness.

Maria DeCarvarvalho is an episcopal priest. She's created Maria DeCarvaho & Associates, specialized in trainings for leaders.

To attend this free workshop, please register on line here (before January 20th)

core_heart.jpgMore info on this workshop:

Because none of us is emotionally wise enough to avoid or eliminate conflict entirely, learning the new language of this training reduces the likelihood of compounding on-going hurt and confusion, and eases the upsets that stress an organization.

When Speak Truth with Love is consciously used, participants learn how to support the person moving through distress, in any setting, at work or at home. They’re able to communicate differences so a new agreement can be reached.

In the workshop, you learn to:

  • - Remember the facts of what happened and state them in a way that creates common ground
  • - Notice what’s really going on inside so you identify your true feelings
  • - Respond with words of truth that strengthen the relationship
  • - Identify the strategic solutions that work for everyone

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