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Etude biblique le 12 mars

Bible.jpgThe next meeting of the Lambda Group will take place Saturday March 12, 2011 from 5-7 pm in the library. Parishioner Bill Thomson will be presenting 'Crossing Boundaries, Changing Lives.'

In this session (in English), we will look at a pair of Biblical texts (in John 4 and Luke 7) that show Jesus reaching out to marginalized individuals across the divides of class, gender, nation and religion. In so doing, he violates numerous social taboos -- and transforms the lives of those he encounters.

The manner in which He crosses boundaries provides an important model for us all -and the fact that He seems to do so joyfully and with pleasure can be a source of encouragement to us to do likewise !

We warmly invite you to this session, which will be followed by refreshments !

Update: download the Bible study on Jesus and the Woman of Samaria

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